Using agile processing systems, AgCertain produces a variety of refined glycerin products including USP grade glycerin from vegetable based feedstocks sourced from North America. At a 99.7% purity specification, AgCertain is committed to producing glycerin at the highest possible quality by utilizing proprietary purification technology. AgCertain operates with the flexibility and innovative practices necessary to be a leading source of Kosher glycerin to service the following segments: Industrial applications, automotive, personal care, cosmetics, food and beverages. Glycerin is currently being used for a variety of uses including as a humectant, preserver, diluent, sweetener, lubricator, and/or holding agent with more uses continuously developing. AgCertain is capable of meeting these demands and growing as the industry expands. AgCertain’s clean and modern facility has undergone stringent HACCP and GMP protocols and holds SQF and Kosher certification. Typical COA’s and samples are available upon request for the range of glycerin products.