INNOVATIVE BY NATURE, AgCertain is a food, agricultural and bio-based product development, manufacturing and marketing company. Operating within a highly certified, traceable production and distribution system, AgCertain produces and delivers specialty, quality-assured products and services with reliability and certainty. Most transactions are conducted in a business-to-business manner on a direct commercial or contract manufacturing basis. Planning and cooperation are fundamental to sophisticated supply chain management, production and delivery and AgCertain is dedicated to your success with collaboration and support throughout the process.


AGCERTAIN FOCUSES ON profitable growth partnership, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, AgCertain has great team members who understand the critical linkage from concept to safe and efficient operations through excellent customer service. To succeed AgCertain has technology, products, manufacturing capabilities, and marketing and distribution channels to build and grow an international company with highly integrated manufacturing sites and where value-added food, agricultural and bio-based products may be produced sold and consumed on a local and regional basis. Value-added food, agricultural and bio-based products with certainty, it is what we are all about.

AGCERTAIN OPERATES MODERN facilities in a safe, reliable and responsible manner. The recently constructed highly flexible, state-of-the-art production facility in Boone, Iowa produces USP and technical grade refined glycerin as well as many varieties of specialty food grade oils. An on-site lab expedites the refining process. The custom approach provides maximum value to customers by tailoring services to fit each client’s unique business drivers and needs. Allowing scalability and diversification with leadership, energy and opportunity partnered with hard work creates not only a partnership but also certainty from beginning to end of the process with quality control, supply chain and manufacturing operations.